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Discover the Magic of Creativity with Magic Workshops®

Your children’s creativity is unleashed with this magical and interactive learning program. We make learning fun again while helping kids stage their own mini-magic shows!

• Put on fantastic magic shows for family and friends
• Promote self-esteem and presentation skills
• Learn from qualified magic instructors

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How it works

Expert magicians capture the imagination of the class with an array of dazzling magic tricks. Next, the children try to uncover the mysteries behind the magic. This hands-on approach helps them explore their innate creativity and offers a renewed self-confidence.

Once the secret is revealed, the magician reviews the mechanics of the tricks. After a little practice, children become certified Junior Magicians® using “top-secret” magic words and hand gestures.

Workshops last one hour and are appropriate for children ages 5-12

Please call our special events coordinator at 1- to discuss custom options and details to make your special event magical and unforgettable.