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Your Business Takes Center Stage at Our Amazing Magic Shows

Market your business the fun way. The effective way. Sponsor any of our popular magic shows across North America and profit from:

• Captivated audiences attuned to your business message

• Increased awareness of your company name

• Word-of-mouth interaction with prospective clients
We have the sponsorship package that’s right for you. From exclusive sponsorships to co-sponsorships,™ is the perfect compliment to your marketing plan:

EXPERIENCED: For over two decades, our magical performances have enchanted audiences across all demographics, reaching millions of people in the process.

ECONOMICAL: Our Sponsorship Program puts the magic back into your business for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

EFFECTIVE: Research suggests that word-of-mouth influence remains the marketing method most consumers respond to. Our formula for success is simple: The more you invest, the larger the audience. Meaning more valuable exposure for your business.

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